Strategy Development: providing an operational framework and associated implementation plans that yield a competitive advantage for growth based on the critical evaluation of desired vision, goals, objectives, markets, clients, geographies and services.

Operational Restructuring: in relation to the desired growth strategy, or infrastructure implementation needs, optimize the requisite organizational structure and processes to enhance efficiency.

Mergers & Acquisitions: providing strategic and organizational evaluations for sell side and buy side advisory needs, in addition to the critical evaluation and needs for appropriate integration measures.

Divestitures: as an effective portfolio management strategy for any business, organizations need to refocus their core offering by evaluating divestiture opportunities.

Succession Planning: in what may be the most important aspect of the human resource function of any organization, provide an evaluation of the necessary talent and leadership skills to fulfill long term organizational objectives through phased succession plans.

Sales Optimization: the professional services industry and partner client organizations require strong customer relationship management, opportunity formulation, as well as “win-win” relationships and operational strategies through partnerships, alliances and sales best practices.

Marketing & Communications: effective communication strategies are required to successfully transact strategy and program/project implementation plans through focused and appropriate tools, processes and best practices